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The best thing in my life is you! Live, love, laugh with me!

Cool Quotes
All relationships have problems. It just depends if you two are strong enough to get through them together.
Many people fail in life. Not for lack of ability or courage. But simply because they have never organised their energies for a goal. Enjoy viewing this meaningful show and bear in mind that no one can stop you.
A reputation for good judgment, for fair dealing, for truth, and for rectitude is itself a fortune.
Silence is the strongest form of communication. It speaks volumes, as assumptions are formed; too many.
Dear all, we would like to share our joy with family and friends and would like to invite you for the housewarming celebrations with the blessings of god and all the elders.
Life is nothing withoutt friendship..
"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." Aristotle
I believe that everything happens for a reason.
I love you too.
You are my lonely love, I love you so much...
Like if you sing while blow drying your hair and stop when someone walks in, then continue when they leave...
AWESOME DAY! Just try to wipe the smile off my face... go ahead! I dare ya!
Refugees are not terrorists. Are often the first victims of terrorism.
I am not young enough to know everything.
Peace begins with a smile.
The story of life is quicker then the blink of an eye, the story of love is hello, goodbye.
Your the meaning of my life......
Fall seven times, stand up eight.
A hard man is good to find.
I just want to be free.