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I like apple, lemon, orange and other fruits.

Cool Quotes
Refugees are human beings!
Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it! Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it.
When we honor, we are honored.
"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." Winston Churchill
In God we trust; all others must pay cash.
A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke.
Everyone is a bore to someone. That is unimportant. The thing to avoid is being a bore to oneself.
"We can still be friends. Is like saying "Hey, the dog died but we can keep it"
A friend of mine asked yesterday when I am going to start acting again! I told her I would think about it. To be honest I do have my reservations, the last time I played a Doctor It was that bad that someone shouted “Is there an apple in the house”!
Have you ever realized that no matter how you feel at any time, music always seems to know exactly how to explain everything and make it all better?
What the heart knows today, the head will understand tomorrow.
That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Friedrich Nietzsche
Persistence is the twin sister of excellence. One is a matter of quality; the other, a matter of time.
Without music, life would be a mistake. Friedrich Nietzsche
Hardening of the heart ages people more quickly than hardening of the arteries.
A true love never has a voice... Bcz silence is the biggest expression of love..
If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?
No one chooses to be a refugee.
If we take people as they are, we make worse. If we treat them as if they were what they ought to be, we help them to become what they are capable of becoming.
Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein