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Life is not meant to be easy, it’s meant to be lived. Some times happy, other times rough … but with every up and down you learn lessons that make you strong.

Cool Quotes
Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.
You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good.
If you stop every time a dog barks, your road never end.
Praying for Japan.
Friendship is greater than love, love is timepass game but friendship is a lifetime attention...
If you judge people, you have no time to love them.
A loving relationship is one in which the loved one is free to be himself: to laugh with me, but never at me; to cry with me, but never because of me; to love life, to love himself, to love being alive.
That happiness kidnap you, and nobody can pay the ransom!
I believe that everything happens for a reason.
Did I love my love because she loves me more than I am?
Americans are overreachers overreaching is the most admirable of the many american excesses.
"Eighty percent of success is showing up." Woody Allen
Whatever enlarges hope will also exalt courage.
I love you from the first day we said hello when our eyes meet your smile.
Persistence is the twin sister of excellence. One is a matter of quality; the other, a matter of time.
Its funny how takers always take, and givers will always give, but neither wants you to bring it up.
Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritation and resentments slip away, and a sunny spirit takes there place.
Surround yourself with optimists; negativity is not a sounding board for creativity.
"The beauty of a girl cannot be mimicked, fabricated, or created by human means, it only occurs naturally."
I want more friends, more friends to go out to play to laugh and be happy.