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We are not born to be ruled; we are born to rule. So be the real ruler of the world.

Cool Quotes
I hide my tears when i say your name but the pain in my heart is still the same although i smile and seem care free there is no one who misses you more than me...!!!
A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.
“The road to success is always under construction”
Trust is like paper once crushed... Never be perfect..
He who laughs last probably does not get the joke.
There is one life, one chance, one dream... Success!
A man is a dog´s best friend...
Although prepared for martyrdom, I preferred that it be postponed.
If we take people as they are, we make worse. If we treat them as if they were what they ought to be, we help them to become what they are capable of becoming.
All goes around comes around.
I love you from the first day we said hello when our eyes meet your smile.
When we honor, we are honored.
I believe that everything happens for a reason.
I love dogs and cats!
"Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry for anger resteth in the bosom of fools."
Life will bring you pain all by itself. Your responsibility is to create joy.
Relationship is not business, where u give only when u get it. But it, s a beautiful feeling for someone, where u like to give everything even if u get nothing...
No life is greater than only equal too. Everyone has the opportunity to become great, to explore their potential, to gain a spot in this world.
The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on. - Robert Bloch
Segregation still exists, take a look at your family.



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