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Why do some people always ask but never have to give...

Cool Quotes
Worrying works! 90% of the things i worry about never happen.
Going to church does not make you a christian, just like standing in your garage does not make you a car.
We live once, die once, the wedding is a time and love...
I wish a good afternoon for all my friends, love ya!
A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.
Every blonde needs a brunette best friend and i have two.
Of being honest and having strong moral principles. It is also the state of being whole and undivided: integrity.
A good lawyer knows the law; a clever one takes the judge to lunch.
Thank you God for everything!
Avoid committing mistakes rather than repenting after committing.
All relationships have problems. It just depends if you two are strong enough to get through them together.
Income tax has made more liars out of the american people than golf.
Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain. Lily Tomlin
"The man who has done his level best... is a success, even though the world may write him down a failure." B.C. Forbes
Friends are something that everybody needs, if you want to have you need to work.
"Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts."
You are my lonely love, I love you so much...
If you want to feel free, the only way is to follow your dreams.
When mistake done do learn it and not to repeat.
Joy is the happiness of love – love aware of its inner happiness. Pleasure comes from without, but Joy comes from within, and it is therefore, within reach of everyone in the world.



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