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I learned nothing in skool: ) I scream for ice cream.

Cool Quotes
Always pray God ours.
It is time to move on.
We do not understand the meaning of prophetic imagination unless we see the connection between the religion of static triumphalism and the politics of oppression and exploitation.
DonĀ“t smoke... Your life away...
The awesome feeling that there were people who fought and struggled for us to stay free.
Reason can answer questions, but imagination has to ask them.
Friendship is greater than love, love is timepass game but friendship is a lifetime attention...
Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. The human mind is our fundamental resource.
A true love lasts forever.
Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritation and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place.
There is a place you can touch a woman that will drive her crazy. Her heart. - Melanie Griffith
The only way to predict the future is to invent it trust in ur caliber not hard work.
A psychiatrist asks a lot of expensive questions your wife asks for nothing.
Experience is the worst teacher; it gives the test before presenting the lesson.
Set a place for me in your heart and not in your mind for the mind easily forgets but the heart always remembers. I love you.
Communication between two humans without body language and facial expression included, is only the apple without the core.
A true love never has a voice... Bcz silence is the biggest expression of love..
"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." Leonard da Vinci
Money can run out, but talent is forever.
"Eighty percent of success is showing up." Woody Allen