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Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

Cool Quotes
"Every great achievement was once considered impossible."
"The beauty of a girl cannot be mimicked, fabricated, or created by human means, it only occurs naturally."
Smile, the simplest language even a baby can understand..
Love is all i need? Well possibly so, but at my age more supportive undergarments come to mind as well as refurbished.
Daily occurrences that are unremarkable parts of our every day life, which at the time we would not give a second thought, can become embedded in our memory for life.
Be happy and smile.
Welcome refugees!
Venturing a different perspective, can be an optimistic doorway to life.
"It is when power is wedded to chronic fear that it becomes formidable." (Eric Hoffer)
Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. - Jerry Garcia
Being selfless is the greatest quality.
Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.
"The sweetest joy, the wildest woe is love." Pearl Bailey
Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritation and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place.
Of being honest and having strong moral principles. It is also the state of being whole and undivided: integrity.
I love it when you hug me. It’s the best feelings in the world.
Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.
Deal with the faults of others as gently as with your own.
I learned nothing in skool: ) I scream for ice cream.
He who laughs last probably does not get the joke.