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Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

Cool Quotes
What the heart knows today the head will understand tomorrow.
When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car.
Love is all we need? Well possibly so, but at my age more supportive undergarments come to mind, as well as refurbished bladders. Well, that and collagen replacement. Speaking of minds, where the hec.
The most silent people are generally those who think most highly of themselves.
I love my dog and I love my parents!
People are quick to judge, but slow to correct themselves.
True love never end so I will never let you go far from my heart.
"Friends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait for the answer. "
Friend is better than lover because friend could help you in every moment of life but love could never can do that.
The short term pain of accepting a truth is much better than the long term pain of believing an illusion.
That happiness kidnap you, and nobody can pay the ransom!
Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening.
To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.
Life is like a chapter on a book, read it, learn from it, and move on!
"All that we are is the result of what we have thought." Buddha
• A true love never has a voice… because silence is the biggest expression of love.
"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." Leonard da Vinci
These investigations have revealed that what makes experience genuinely satisfying is a state of consciousness called flow - a state of concentration so focused that it amounts to absolute absorption.
You can’t be good enough for everybody, but you will always be the best for the one who deserve you.
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